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Rolling Stone : Self Checkout

Click here to listen to Hella’s “Self Checkout”

"Self Checkout" was the first song Hella wrote and recorded for their fifth record,Tripper, says drummer Zach Hill: ”Technically, it was the first song we’d written together in three years, so in many ways I feel like it created the path for the material that followed.” If the fast-paced instrumental is any indication of what’s to come, it’s sure to be a chaotic good time. 

Tripper is available in stores now, but you can download “Self Checkout” here

Sound Colour Vibration: Interview with Spencer

Sound Colour Vibration interviews Spencer Seim of Hella

Conducted by Erik Otis
All photos from Spencer Seim
Spring of 2011

Hella is a two-piece band that started out about a decade ago in Northern California. The two leaders (and members) of the group are drummer Zach Hill and guitarist Spencer Seim. Over the many obstacles and mutations that Hella has had, they have always achieved a heavy amount of power and spirituality. There is a time when a band rebirths a certain nostalgia to take precedence for their fellow fans and music lovers. Now is that time, and Hella is that band. – Pouya G. Asadi

SCV: Hella is a band of yours that has been around for over a decade and has seen an expansion in line up for the past few years. Zach and yourself decided to bring the band back to its roots with the two piece line up. On the new track you guys released called Headless, there is the same interaction that makes you guys so unique in my opinion. Did you guys record the album in a short window or did this project take awhile?

Spencer: Ha, well… both I guess. We wrote, recorded, and mixed Tripper in only 16 studio days but we did it in short 2 or 3 day sessions spaced a couple of months apart each.

SCV: The new Hella album coming out this year called Tripper is scheduled for a release in late August, are you really excited with the stripped down 2 piece format the group has again?

Spencer: This is my favorite Hella record. I think Zach and I played really well together on it and I like the new approach that we used. Each song was recorded the same day we wrote it. All the music was captured at its freshest point.

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NPR Song of the Day : Hella “Headless”

Hella: Scribbling Outside The Lines

Hella’s Zach Hill and Spencer Seim don’t just color outside the lines of rock ‘n’ roll — they scrawl all over the page, across the tabletop and into the next room. Depending on your perspective, the result is either a dazzlingly unruly abstraction or an unholy mess.

The Sacramento instrumental duo has basically one setting, and it’s full-speed-ahead sensory overload. Hill’s polyrhythmic drum assault and Seim’s jittery, Beefheart-by-way-of-Bad Brains guitar parts volley and tangle frenetically, battling to occupy every square inch of sonic real estate. Needless to say, it’s not easy listening, but with a little patience, unsnarling the duo’s dueling lines can yield exhilarating rewards.

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Forkcast: Yubacore

After a four-year hiatus, Sacramento art-punk duo Hella are preparing to release Tripper, a new full-length due August 30 on Sargent House. check out the concussive, corkscrewing turns of “Yubacore”.


Stereogum premieres First Track, new album, make a video

In 2007 I wrote a brief, less-than-positive review of Hella’s There’s No 666 In Outer Space, the record where the Sacramento noise-rock duo expanded to a quintet and started sounding like a rootsy Mars Volta. It appeared inSPIN. The guys gamely turned the pith into a t-shirt. My issue with There’s No 666 was (what I saw as) the aimlessness created by those extra members — i.e. the shift didn’t seem necessary. So then, four years later, it’s great to be able to announce that Hella have a new album on the horizon that finds the core of guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill back as a streamlined, well-oiled twosome. As of today the 10-song album has no title. Ditto this song. But you can still listen to it just fine. And it shreds. 

Hella’s asking fans to create a video to go with the song. Once you do, post it to YouTube and/or the band’s Facebook page. The goal is to find “the most amazing, insane, awesome videos possible.”

Look for the album at the end of July or first week in August via Sargent House.

Hella’s New Record Is Hella Done

When Sacramento drummer Zach Hill recently posted on his Facebook page, “Finished the new Hella album,” it caused a shit storm of excitement amongst his fans. As of press time for this issue, the post had a monstrous 359 “likes” and nearly 100 comments. Jose Sanchez said, “Woooooo OMG that shits gonna be on replay for months on end, I love you Zach Hill.” Richie Saldivar chimed in with, “Fuck yeah! I can’t wait to hear it!” and Heath Sousa took it to a whole other sexual-yet-sort-of-disturbing level by saying, “Just cummed my pants.” Yes, it’s clear that Hella fans near and far are excited at the news of the instrumental spaz-rock band’s return. So is Submerge. We caught up with Hill last week to pick his brain about the new album, which is still yet to be titled, and he had this to say: “We recorded the album in Oak Park with Andy Morin. He recorded it and we all mixed it together. It’s pretty raw and just two of us again. Primarily drums and guitar but Spencer [Seim, guitar] also played bass on every track. It’s instrumental and loud. It’s like a very raging band practice that was recorded and played very well.” Hill mentioned that they are looking at two possible release dates, July 26 or Aug. 2 and that it will be released via Sargent House.
-J. Carabba

New Hella Album - 2011

New Hella album coming in 2011 on Sargent House